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BBC and Citizenside discuss media development at Connecting Communities panel

News Salford, United Kingdom - 24 May 2012


Citizenside participated in the annual "Connecting Communities" conference, hosted by the BBC College of Journalism, on May 24, 2012 in the new BBC building located in Salford Quays, Manchester. 

The conference featured a panel, which included Citizenside's international coordinator, Garrett Goodman and a presentation from Citizenside's editor-in-chief, Nicolas Filio.

The panel discussed the business of participatory news, the use of online platforms to share eyewitness accounts, funding methods for additional media sources, the motivation of users to contribute material, and how to work with the online community to verify information. 

Our contributor writes: "This coming together of amateur and professional media interests helped to share the feelings and problems that are felt by all and opened up many interesting and thoughtful/helpful discussions. Contacts and friends were made between people from various parts of the country and further abroad."

To read more about the "Connecting Communities" conference, visit the BBC's website.


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