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An oil spill from the Black Rose threatens the marine ecosystem across the Bay of Bengal

Hot Topics Not vetted story Vetted story Paradeep, India - 21 September 2009
A deep sea oil spill from the sunken ship Black Rose is suspected as the cause of the recent emergence oily substances on the beaches of the Bay of Bengal. A variety of dead fish have also started floating onto the coast of the Bay of Bengal near India's Paradeep port, indicating considerably high levels of water toxicity.

Soaking marks on the beach suggest that there has been a leakage of petroleum oil in the sea, and to support this conjecture, oil floating on the surface of the sea can be seen from many places along the coast of Bay of Bengal near Paradeep Port.

Oily substances found on the coast have raised serious concerns about the marine life in the Bay of Bengal. This leakage could gravely impact the lives of those living in fishing communities who depend on fishing to earn their livelihood.

About 926 tons of furnace oil and 50 tons of diesel were stored in the vessel Black Rose and environmentalists fear that such huge amount of oil would wreak havoc on the marine ecosystem across the Bay of Bengal.

The ship sank into the sea on September 9th, possibly due to its heavy load of iron ore. The Indian port authorities blame the Singapore-based vessel owner for the non-responsive attitude with which he has regarded the sinking of Black Rose, whereas local fishermen blame the port authorities for their careless stance towards the spill and the danger it presents to the coastal marine life, and the inhabitants of the fishing villages themselves.

The incident has created panic among the fishing communities, as environmentalists fear that the imminent threat could potentially affect the entire ecosystem of the Bay of Bengal.
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