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I saw this story on the Citizenside and thought you should see it

A squirrel for a pet in India

Hot Topics Pune, India - 18 January 2011
The story goes like this: The Lord Ram was building a Setu (over bridge on a ocean) for the purpose of rescuing his wife Seeta from Sri Lanka. So many monkeys including Maruti, Sugriv helped him to build the Setu.

A small squirrel also participated helping Lord Rama in building the Setu. When Lord Ram saw the squirrel trying to help in spite of its small size, he smiled and touched it with his finger and blessed it and the animal got the mark of his 3 fingers on her back which became permanent.

The same story is happening with this squirrel is staying with a police inspector as if the house where she is staying belongs to her.

You would be surprised to see her moving around here and there.

Let us see what is her daily routine. Oops, I forgot to tell you her name -- Sona -- which was given by her owner, the police inspector K.B. Waghawale.

• 6.00 am – Sona wakes up just like the children of the family
• 6.15 am - Has breakfast usually of the ground nut & beads , made of PEETH ( wet wheat flour)
• 6.30 to 11.00 am – its play time . she engage with every one
• 11.00am to 2.00 pm – She goes to play in the tree with other squirrels
• 2.15pm – whaghawale shout out her name & call for her lunch , She comes back promptly has chocolate for her lunch
• 2.25 pm – After lunch she goes back to the trees to play with other squirrel friends
• 6.00 pm – comes back home on her own home if she is bored , She visits neighbours kids etc…, During the visits she is offered a dinner by every one
• 7.00 pm – come back & hits the sack for good night sleep
This the whole story of a squirrel( SONA )
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