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I saw this story on the Citizenside and thought you should see it

Michael Jackson's gravesite at Forest Lawn cemetary?

Hot Topics Glendale, United States - 30 October 2009
"These pictures represent the Michael Jackson's grave in the Holy Terrace section of the Forest Lawn cemetary, near Los Angeles. They were taken on October 30, 2009 by someone very close to Michael Jackson's family. We can see photos and flowers offered by the family", our Citizenside member, who apparently found these pictures on Facebook, says.

But our member didn't tell us precisely who took those pictures, and where they come from... Thus we remain extremely cautious about the authenticity of these pictures. As the photos are spreading on the web, we'd like to ask our members and visitors their advice: is this the Michael Jackson's grave?

A blogger, Lisa Burks, wrote an interesting note about this place, and the fact that Michael Jackson could be buried there, but still remains cautious ("this is not an officially confirmed fact").

And you , what do you think? Are these photos of the Holy Terrace section of the large cemetery’s Great Mausoleum representing Michael Jackson's grave?
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