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Bus blast in Peshawar kills 21 and injured 40, Pakistan

News Chārsadda, Pakistan - 08 June 2012

Our contributor writes:

Charsadda, terrorist has targeted the government employee’s vehicle at Charsadda, result 21 people including 4 women and children died in the blast. According to police a vehicle whose daily carrying the government employees from district Charsadda to provincial capital Peshawar. On routine the vehicle return the employees from different department bring from Peshawar to Charsadda, when the vehicle reached to Gulbela area. The Blast occurred in a vehicle.

Blast partially damaged the back side of the vehicle and more than 21 people died in the blast and 40 injured which shifted to lady reading hospital Peshawar and district hospital Charsadda for medical treatment.

The Blast occurred at 12.30 p.m. in the vehicle but the police and rescue team reached late in 1.30 that’s making people angry of Gulbela area and situation were tense when the police and rescue team reached on the spot. The Clash between the people and police has occurred on the spot but later the local leader control the situation. Bomb disposal unit checks the vehicle and they informed the media that 8 to 10 kilograms explosive used in blast and it’s was time device.

It’s the first time that terrorist’s target the government employee’s vehicle in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, member provincial assembly Malik Tamash Khan and minister Information Mian Iftkhar Hussain condemn the act of blast and said it’s the last round of Terrorist and we will destroy the terrorist groups from the province.



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