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India comes together to "bandh" against petrol price hikes

World News Indore, India - 31 May 2012

The recent petrol price hike has brought the Left and Right parties of India together for a nationwide protest — Bharat Bandh, or All India Protest Day, on May 31, 2012. (Photos seen here are in Indore, India.) A similar protest against petrol price hike had happened on July 5, 2010.

The government increased petrol prices nearly 20 occasions, and people are becoming fed up, especially with the Rupee falling even further. Leaders called for Indians of all parties to join them in the Bandh (strike.)

Our contributor wrote:

Protest against Petrol hike in India : People are really fed up accepting petrol price going up like anything , same time helpless too, No choice left other than to protest by showing anger & closing shops. This time local people & businessmen took part in BANDH, including Nationalized Bank , shop owners, corporate & international Company like Dell, Tara Jewelers, courier people like DHL, Blue Dart Petrol Pumps took part, Big Shopping Malls like Food Bazar, Spencer , Food shops like Pizza Hut and Dominos also supported the bandh.

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