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Occupy Oil Protest Royal Dutch Shell in London

World News London, Great Britain - 22 May 2012

Occupy London/Occupy Oil took action on Royal Dutch Shell in London on May 22, 2012.

They dressed in black, carried banners and black umbrellas, and said, "Rest in peace, Shell!"

According to reports, the Royal Dutch Shell oil company makes around £1.6 million in profits each year. Occupy London says that they are a "1% company" that devastates the world from the west coast of Ireland all the way to the Niger Delta.

The group made a call to action on its website: "It’s time to make a stand. On 22nd of MAY 2012 we will Occupy Petrol Stations across the GLOBE. We call on activists to organise yourselves into affinity groups and join this action world-wide. Make banners, get sound systems and pick targets. As the date approaches we can co-ordinate actions for maximum impact. Let’s send another shot in our war against the global elites."


Our contributor wrote: Occupy Oil Protest Royal Dutch Shell AGM taking place at the Barbican in the City of London.

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