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Italians attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives after two earthquakes

World News , Italy - 20 May 2012

People in northeastern Italy are living in fear after a second earthquake hit on May 29, 2012, and killed 17 people. The earthquakes have destroyed churches, landmarks, memorials and have forced Italians to literally pick up the pieces of their lives.

Many felt helpless and refused to leave the refugee camps that were created in the aftermath.

Tuesday's earthquake measured a 5.8 on the Richter Scale and caused millions of euros of damage. At least 350 people were injured because of the quake. This occurred just nine days after a 6.0 earthquake killed six and caused thousands to be homeless.

Rescue workers are overwhelmed. They called off their searches after finding the body of one last missing person in the ruins of a factory in Medolla, where three others had already been found dead.


These photos were taken from May 27, 2012 and onward after the earthquakes in Italy.

Our contributor wrote: The pictures are taken in San Felice sul Panaro. A small village situated in Emilia Romagna Italy, where the earthquake is destroying everything...

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