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Two Pakistan Air Force light aircraft collide killing 4

World News Nowshera, Pakistan - 17 May 2012

Two Pakistan Air Force light aircraft have collided in mid-air on May 17, 2012 on a routine training mission north-west of Islamabad - killing two trainee pilots and two instructors - police say.

One of the two-seater propelled Mushshak planes crashed into a house, injuring a girl and an elderly man, while the second came down in fields in the Rashkai area, 160km (100 miles) north-west of the capital.

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Our contributor writes:

Nowshera, Two Airplanes of the Pakistan Air Force has crash near Rashki area of Nowshera, which hit the civilian houses. According to police two Training Airplanes who’s on training mission from Risalpure Pakistan Air Force mission were crashes near Rashki Village. Airplane hit the civilian houses, result 2 pilots and 2 co pilots of Pakistan Air force died in incident.

Airplanes crashes hit the civilian and two houses partially damages, 11 people including 2 women and 4 children also injured in incidents. After the incident local people recover the dead bodies of the pilots and injured from spot and they sent to Basic health unit Rashki for medical treatment, most of the injured were burn because after the airplane crash it’s made fire on the spot.

Special teams of the Pakistan Air force cordon off the area and they start investigation of the incidents. They collect evidence from the spot. Local hospital confirmed that all injured condition is better.


According to Air Force teams Squadron leader Zegham Ali belong to Karachi; Squadron Leader Muzaazm resident of Faisal Abad, Students pilots Squadron Leader Masood from Hari Pure Hazara and Flight Lt, Mustafa from Lahore. Their funeral prayer offered in Pakistan Air Force Academy Risalpure and later their dead bodies sent to their homes.

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