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Peshawar High Court hears case regarding 92 missing people, admonishes Pakistani military

World News Peshawar, Pakistan - 16 May 2012

In Pakistan, the Peshawar High Court listened to families' grievances against the military concerning some 92 missing people on May 16, 2012.

During the hearing, the Peshawar High Court issued one last warning to the military for the closure of illegal detention centers where it's suspected kidnapped Pakistanis are being held. Peshawar High Court Justice Dost Muhammad Khan was quite firm and insisted that there would be punishment if the centers were not shut down.

“We are afraid of the day when people will rise against you. We acknowledge the sacrifices of the armed forces but they have indulged in such practices that should be stopped,” Khan said to an army official.

Read a story about the missing persons case in Peshawar. Read a story about the missing persons case in Peshawar.

Our contributor wrote:
Peshawar, Peshawar high court hearing the missing person case, more then 92 families of missing people come to Peshawar high court for hearing the case. Children, families, elders were on PHC during case hearing. Amna Masood also present in Peshawar high court. according to  Amna Masood more then 1200 people missing in different area of Pakistan , mostly security agency detain illegally in different areas. she admit her own husband miss since 7 year 

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