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One killed and two injured in school grenade attack in Peshawar, Pakistan

News Peshawar, Pakistan - 16 April 2012

A hand grenade attack on a school on the outskirts of the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Monday killed a six-year old child and wounded two other children, police said.

Suspected militants threw a grenade from a lane behind the Iqra Public School in Khazana area, which landed near children who were washing their hands at a water tap, senior police officer Tahir Ayub told AFP.

The privately run school teaches both boys and girls in religious and secular studies, residents said. “Three children were wounded in the blast, one of them died on way to the hospital,” Ayub added.

“We received the body of a six-year-old child,” Dr. Rahim Jan of the city’s Lady Reading Hospital said.

The motive for the attack was not immediately clear, but hardline Islamist militants oppose secular and mixed gender schooling.

Peshawar, the main city of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province on the Afghan border is close to Pakistan’s northwestern tribal belt, which the United States considers the most dangerous region on earth and a headquarters for Al Qaeda.

Bombings blamed on Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked networks have killed more than 4,900 people since 2007, destabilizing the nuclear-armed state.

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Our contributor writes:

Peshawar, Militants thrown hand Grande on private school in Peshawar that hits 3 students 2 were injured and class Third Student Mohammad Ali killed in attack. Incident occurred in jurisdiction of Khazana Police station. According to local police militants whose on bike thrown the Hand Grenade during off time that time students were playing at ground that’s hits 3 students injured one of them age 8 years killed in attack.

After the incident police cordon off the area and local people sent the injured to lady reading hospital for treatment, bomb disposal unit also visited the area and they confirmed that its Hand Grande attack and more than 50 Gram Explosive used in attack.

Police start investigation of the incident also starts search operation in area, but no one detain in search operation. The owner of the school talks with media and confirmed the attack and he said that he didn’t receive any threatened from any one nor he has any enmity.

S.P rural Shafi Ullah also visited the spot where hand Grande thrown according to Shafi Ullah it’s was toy which explode in school and 2 students were injured in one killed. Minister education of Khyber Pukhtoonkhawa Sardar hussain Babek talks with media and said that terrorist now targeting the private schools, before they target only they government school.

After the attack on school people of the area worried and most of the parents recall their children from schools in Peshawar city.

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