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Irish unions march to protest against austerity in Dublin

Politics Dublin, Ireland - 09 February 2013

Trade unionists organised a march on February 9, 2013 to protest the high cost of the country’s crippling bank bailout program.

Irish police estimated that up to 20 000 people joined the march in the Irish capital. Amid the red balloons and banners, one group carried a mockup of a large weight labeled “jobs not debt.”

Marches organised by the congress were also happening in Cork, where the turnout was estimated at 6000.


Our contributor writes:

Thousands of union activists marched through Dublin on February 9, 2013 under the slogan "Lift the Burden - Jobs not Debt" as part of a national protest. They protest against the repayment of €64 billion for the bailout of Irish banks and call for the debt to be reduced.

A small number of counter protesters stood along the route of the protest march and formed a counter protest in front of the Union march. They accused the Unions of being responsible for the bank bail out as well.

Both marches were separated by Gardai (Irish Police) but remained peaceful.


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