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Thousands protest austerity measures in the streets of Madrid

Politics Madrid, Spain - 19 July 2012

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the streets of Madrid to protest the Spanish government's austerity measures on July 19, 2012.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Parliament recently approved 65 billion euros-worth of spending cuts and tax increases in order to avoid an entire European bail-out.

One in four Spanish citizens are unemployed. Government employees were particularly affected by austerity measures, receiving a 7 percent cut in pay. The recent tax increase and spending limits are merely an addition to the austerity measures that have marked Spanish domestic policy in the past three years.

Our contributor writes:

"Hundreds of thousands of citizens, including state officials such as police, firefighters, doctors and teachers, have left this afternoon to the streets across Spain to protest the cuts and tax increases. The event culminated in Madrid with strong riots, at 2 am still continue in the center of the city."

The photos was taken 19 july in Cibeles Sqare, Alcalá Street and Sol Square."

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