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Tens of thousands in "March of millions" Moscow protest

Politics Moscow, Russian Federation - 12 June 2012
The Russian opposition has held a mass anti-government rally in the country's capital of Moscow on June 12, 2012.  “March of Millions” demonstration mass protests took place on May 6, 2012 for the first time ending in violence and hundreds of arrests.

Organisers say that around 100 000 people gathered to the streets but Moscow police has only confirmed that up to 22 000 people were participating in the rally, which wrapped up at 4pm  with no arrests made.

Protesters began the rally on Strastnoy Boulevard and marched across the center of Moscow to finish on Sakharova Avenue with a meeting and music concert. The demonstration concluded two hours earlier than planned as heavy rain drenched the activists.

Our contributor writes:
Russian opposition activists hold a March of a Million rally on Russia's national holiday 'Russia Day', demanding democratic reforms and the resignation of the recently inaugurated President Vladimir Putin. The rally attract about 150,000 people.

A previous March of a Million rally was organized on May 6 to demonstrate against the inauguration of Putin. After clashes with the police, some 450 protestors were arrested. 

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