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Clashes break out in Chile over Pinochet tribute documentary

Politics , Chile - 10 June 2012

Hundreds of protesters clashed violently with police in the Chilean capital on June 10, 2012 as they demonstrated against the screening of a new documentary honoring the late dictator Augusto Pinochet.

More than 500 police in full riot gear responded by firing tear gas and water cannons to prevent their advance on the theater, where a few thousand Pinochet supporters were gathering for the tribute.

Officers charged on protesters. Most ran for cover but some were pinned to the ground and arrested. A few demonstrators attacked Pinochet sympathizers to try to prevent them from getting to the theater.

The clashes lasted about two hours. Sixty-four people were arrested, and 22 other were injured (20 from the police and two demonstrators), the Santiago authorities said.

The screening has triggered a firestorm of controversy, pitting Pinochet supporters claiming the right to free speech against relatives of regime victims who are furious that the event was allowed to proceed.


To learn more,  read the AFP article.

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