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Hundreds march in Tunis against Jalel Brick’s “blasphemous” video

Politics Tunis, Tunisia - 08 June 2012

Almost two hundred protesters gathered in the Kasbah in Tunis on June 8, 2012 in reaction to a video circulating on the Internet that insults the Prophet Mohamed and Islam.  

Jalel Brick, a political satirist infamous for his video postings on the Internet of politicized rants characterized by obscene language and vitriolic rhetoric, posted a video to YouTube on 1 June containing the perceived insults.  

The Tunisian Front of Islamic Associations, an umbrella group that helped organize the protest, condemned Brick’s statements and asked for retribution.   On the video, which has more than fourteen thousand viewing on YouTube, Brick insulted followers of Islam. Among other incendiary remarks, Brick called Prophet Mohamed a pedophile. The video provoked a strong reaction, with dozens of viewers posting their own videos criticising his statements. Brick later apologized for releasing the video, claiming to be very “emotional and drunk.”  

Mokhtar Jebali, head of the Tunisian Front of Islamic Associations, said that people gathered to express their anger and condemn what the “criminal” Jalel Brick did and accused him of blasphemy. “We condemn what he said about our prophet. We demand his punishment and the withdrawal of his Tunisian nationality,” said Jebali.  

Jebali also said: “The government should apply the law against Brick and not allow individuals to act against him.”  

“One of the slogans raised and chanted during the protest was ‘apology not accepted for insulting the prophet’,” stated Habib Souid, who owns a shop in the Kasbah and who witnessed the protest.   Jebali added that an article criminalizing these kind of acts should be included in the Tunisian constitution.

Source : Tunisia Live


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