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Harthal (strike) in Kerala, India against petrol price hikes

Politics Thiruvananthapuram, India - 24 May 2012

A strike organized by the Left Democratic Front protested in Kerala against the petrol price hikes in India on May 24, 2012.

Once the public anger resulting from the 10 percent price hike was seen, the government (under pressure from everyone) tried to make it easier for the people. In fact, the Congress asked the chief ministers to cut the state's tax on petrol. For every one rupee paid almost 40 paisa worth is state tax.

Kerala and Uttarakhand decided to announce the cut; now petrol will be Rs 1.63 cheaper in Kerala, while it will be 1.87 cheaper in Uttarakhand.


Our contributor wrote: a harthal or strike organised by left democratic front in Kerala against the union government run by congress party for huge hike in petrol price. The first picture a conflict between protesters and government forces. The second photo is Kerala police helping foreign   tourists to reach airport from railway station and the third picture shows the tourists watching protest march in front of government secretariat of Kerala.


Read a story about the strike  here.

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