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Chicago NATO Summit overrun by protests

News Chicago, United States - 20 May 2012

On May 20, 2012, the second day of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's annual summit in Chicago, Illinois, protesters returned, not daunted by the previous days' arrests. Activists came out to demonstrate for many different causes instead of just one universal cause, which at times caused confusion. Some protested against Boeing, and others protested against the G8 summit that was moved to Camp David at the last minute by President Obama. Some demonstrated against NATO's activity in the Middle East, while others asked why NATO has money to spend on wars while people in the world starve. Then, Sunday began with a unified march against the NATO summit that was peaceful — at least, until the end, when protesters decided to throw bottles at police and the Chicago police retaliated with their black batons.


Our contributer wrote: On the weekend of May 19-21st, 2012, Chicago hosted the NATO summit. While delegates from nations all around the world gathered at McCormick Place, protestors from across the nation gathered to hold their own "People's Summit". 

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