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Protest at Chicago NATO summit

News Chicago, United States - 18 May 2012

Protests at the NATO summit in Chicago, Illinois, kicked off with at least 2,000 people gathering at Daley Plaza to support the National Nurses United Campaign to Heal The World. Calling for a  "Robin Hood tax" on bank corporations in order to offset cuts in health care and social services, the beginning protests were relatively peaceful. 

The eyes of the world are on Chicago as the G8 Summit is being hosted in the Windy City. Leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are meeting to discuss issues such as the war in Afghanistan, problems in Syria and the Middle East, issues in Greece and the eurozone, plus much more.

Groups such as Occupy Chicago (which is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street) want to use the NATO summit as a time to attract attention to their causes.






Our contributor wrote: Protestors at the Nurses Campaign to Heal the World rally and security for the 2012 N.A.T.O Summit in Chicago, Illinois.

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