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Spaniards celebrate one year of Los Indignados in Madrid

News Madrid, Spain - 14 May 2012

Los Indignados came out in Madrid on May 12, 2012 to renew their protests that began a year ago.

In 80 cities across Spain, Los Indignados marched in a four day protest set to end on May 15, the anniversary of the Los Indignados May 15, 2011 movement. It's lovingly been dubbed "15-M" by its supporters.

Los Indignados uses campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks in order to spread the word about their movement. They've inspired similar protests all over the world. Even though the Indignants movement started one year ago, Spaniards don't have less of a cause, but more of one. Now, the unemployment rate stands at 24.4 percent overall and 52 percent for the under-25 population. On top of that, they have endured more than 30 billion euros ($39 billion) of cuts over the year because of austerity.



Our contributor wrote: Thousand spanish people return to the streets on 15M first Aniversary.

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