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Communists demonstrate in Moscow on Victory Day

Politics Moscow, Russian Federation - 09 May 2012

Communist demonstrators and opposition activists in Moscow marched from Pushkinskaya to Lubyanka Square on May 9, 2012, joining a group of protest strollers who have been protesting for three days and nights consecutively. Authorities estimated that at least 4,000 people demonstrated, but opposition leaders estimated the amount of participates at 10,000 people.

Many protestors wore a white ribbon, a symbol of the opposition movement, and protested against Vladimir Putin, who is to become Russia's leader again. Although there are many different factions and disagreements amongst the opposition, many protestors were basically united in one thing — the belief that a "power-hungry" Putin must go.

Demonstrators near the Marshall Zhukov Monument at Red Square sang wartime songs, but some were detained by police who said that their rally was unauthorized. At Lubyanka Square, some of the protest strollers went to Chistiye Prudy and the rest split off and marched to the Kremlin.

Our contributor wrote: Communist protesters marched from Pushkinskaya to Lubyanka square.


Read the story by the Gazeta.
Read the story by the Moscow Times.

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