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Awami Party Leader Fanoos Gujar says "there is no rule of law" in Pakistan

Politics Peshawar, Pakistan - 06 May 2012

Fannoos Gujar, one of the leaders of the newly emerged progressive political party, Awami Party, talked with the press in Peshawar on May 6, 2012. Speaking about current events in Pakistan, Gujar criticized the government's policies during the Peshawar Press Club press conference.

Even though Pakistan has a constitution, Gujar said that there is no rule of law and justice prevailing.

Guja talked about the condition of Pakistan Railways, PIA and Pakistan Steel Mills. The authorities' apathy toward national institutions says a lot, he said. People are afraid that the thousands of laborers will lose their jobs soon, he said.  There are many natural resources were available in Pakistan, but no one has tried to overcome the energy crisis, Gujar said. The government, through the United States and United Arab Emirates, is privatizing the profitable institutions of Pakistan, he says, which will create unemployment.

Pointing out that Awami Party Pakistan is the party of poor people, Gujar said that there is no place for landlords and industrialists there. It was said that if the poor and working classes were made into a single platform, no one could defeat them; the government must insure equal facilities to private and government workers since the poor are suffering.

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Peshawar , leader of awami Party Pakistan , Fannoos Gujr spoke about the current situation of the Pakistan , he criticized the government and policies of the government at Peshawar press club

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