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U.S. Presidential Election
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President Barack Obama kicks off 2012 campaign with rally in Columbus, Ohio

Politics Columbus, United States - 05 May 2012

President Obama launches his official re-election campaign in Columbus Ohio on May 5, 2012. According to our contributor, the President spoke to a crowd of 14,000 supporters.

Among the speakers at the rally were Columbus mayor Michael Coleman, former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, Former Astronaut and Senator John Glenn, Senator Sherrod Brown and First Lady Michelle Obama. 

During his speech, President Obama emphasized the importance of returning to basic American values and criticized presumed Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. President Obama emphasized that Romney's economic plan would not bring prosperity to middle-class Americans, but would rather enrich the wealthy. 

President Obama also outlined his goals for the country, which include an increase in college degrees and less dependence on foreign oil. 

Our contributor writes that "the theme of the campaign [is] focused on going forward and finishing the efforts started for economic equity and social justice. 

To view the President's full speech, visit the White House official website.

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