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Student protest against university fee increases in Quebec

Politics Montreal, Canada - 18 April 2012

Thousands of students protested the Quebec government’s plan to hike tuition prices in Montreal on April 18, 2012. The students, who have been protesting for six weeks, were clad in red as a symbol of debt.

Many have dropped out of school this year and protested throughout Quebec since they learned of the government’s plan to raise university tuition by $325 a year for the next five years. Post-secondary students in Quebec pay less for tuition in other Canadian provinces, but students think the hikes are unjust, saying they want equal opportunity for an affordable education.

Their boycott of the school is the longest in Quebec history.

Tensions have risen since students and police went head to head and officers pepper-sprayed the protestors. The police have also started to make dozens of arrests. Perhaps in retaliation, the offices of cabinet members have been vandalized.

Our contributor writes:

Students blocked a major street in downtown Montreal on April 18 to protest the Quebec government's plans to increase the cost of attending university.

Red ribbons have become the symbol's protest and so the marchers wore red ribbons as gags.

As students gathered in Phillips Square, they also decorated statues with red tape. The student strikes are now in their sixth week.

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