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News Chennai, India - 08 March 2013





The Confederation of Indian industry (CII) along with the TDPC and Australian trade commission had a successful conference on “AUTOMOTIVE R&D AND TRENDS 2015” on a theme “COST EFFECTEIVE GREEN MOBILITY” at HILTON hotel Chennai.

Dr. V. Sumantran, Chairman and executive vice chairman of Hinduja Automotive Ltd welcomed the gathering and also gave out and excellent speech on the theme Cost effective  Green Mobility and some useful facts about the use of hybrid cars and also about the new range of emerging technologies. His speech about the combination of vehicular technology and also the control of the effective Co2 emission that should deal with the cost and effect was great information to the gathering. Atlast Dr. V. Sumantran concluded with that the policy measures are important for the government to shape a society with cost effective greener environment.

Followed by him Mr. Shrikant Marathe, the Director of Automotive research association of India started his speech with addressing the gathering and also showing out some excellent presentations on global scenario of the mobility in the current situation of the country, and one of his best sayings were that there are 40% roads in the country but the range of the transportation vehicles is 70% and this leads to transportation imbalance”,It was an amazing fact that everyone must accept.

Moreover his presentations with the combatting of noise pollution of the vehicle and also about the driver education were important informations to the gathering.

Followed by him Mr. Ravi pandit addressed the gathering and started his presentation on the global danger levels of the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, and the happening important changes on Energy, Material and Information Technology. He also explained about the saving and future use of the solar energy and also the effect of collecting the solar energy in simple effective ways in our day today life.

After these wonderful and useful presentations Mr. Michael Carter, Consul commercial & trade commissioner for Australia to south India showed up to the stage and displayed a wonderful video on the opportunities and updates on the Automobile sector in Australia.

Followed by the video, Mr. Carter updated the gathering with the level of accidents in a year in Tamil Nadu and the mains reasons on it and also some facts on reducing them. Atlast he concluded with introducing a supporting website WWW.AUTOCRC.COM .



Followed by Mr. Carter it was Mr. Manish Mathur, Partner & head – Automotive & Industrial practice A T Kearney Ltd presented with a speech on the alternative fuels that can be used in future and also the Bio fuels in research.

Followed by him was Dr. V. Krishnamurthy, Chairman national manufacturing competitiveness council (NMCC) who created an awareness of the unique manufacturing technologies and use of CNG engines. And that session was concluded with a thanking speech by Dr. V. Sumantran.


The 1st session started with topicon Auto – Transportation sector: critical impacts and migration.

The session was started by Mr. Prakash Rao kulkarni; Head – Automotive & Aerospace solutions Wipro limited and also the presentations were followed by Dr. P.A. Lakshmi Narayanan with a wonderful lecture on the improved transport infrastructure and a balanced model pattern that can create a substantial difference in a cost neutral manner. Followed by him was Dr. R.K. Malhotra, director – R & D ICOL and Mr. Mark Trigg, Manager _ Major projects Development The commonwealth Scientific and industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Australia and Mr. R. Suresh, Senior Vice president  &Head – Claims Chola MS General insurance, also his presentation on the vehicle thefts made the gathering aware of the vehicle safety.


Now the 2nd session began with the topic: Greener Alternatives in the Automotive Sector.

The session began with Mr. Karthik Gopal, head – a mobility solution Mahindra Reva who gave a great presentation on the importance and the advantages of the implementation of the electric vehicles and followed by him was Mr. Hiroki Sasaki, Vice president – Research & Adv. Engg. Renault Nissan Technology development center with a brief explanation on the Nissan Green programs and also the action plans for the greener environment. Followed by himwere Mr. Jurgen Selig, Manager Application Development APAC Lanxess, and Hong Kong by informating the gathering with the essential use of good chemical products to produce effective automotive parts. Now followed by him was Dr. Mehran Ektesabi, Robotics and Mechatronics department Swinburne University, Australia and also Mr. Stinson, CEO & Managing Director Orbital Corporation Pty Ltd, Australia and as the presentations were made the session changeover by the conclusion of Mr.Karthik Gopal.

The next plenary session 3 began after the lunch with a topic: Automotive Manufacturing – Reduce, Reuse and Refuse. The session’s presentation started with Dr. T. Sundarajan, DGM – R&D Wheels India Limited and also with a speech on design and manufacturing challenges of AHS in Automobile light weighting and also the presentations followed by Mr. Srikanth K Narayan, Director Siemens industry software (India) Pvt Ltd and Mr. Arvind Goel, President & Head business group Tata Autocomp system Ltd. And the session went to changeover.

The final session started after an evening tea break and the topic on the session: Mass transit & Non- Motorized Transportation in India. As the session started with a good refreshment Dr. Venkat Srinivas, Special Director – Product development Ashok Leyland Limited gave out a wonderful speech on the safety systems of busses and also the BRTS- Bus Rapid transport system and also ITS- Intelligent Transport system , which was very informative to the gathering and followed by him was Mr. N.K. Kumar, Chief general manager Chennai Metro Rail Limited who started his presentation with a touch of good humor that made the gathering a pleasant evening and also his presentations on the current Metro Rail plans were very informative. And finally followed by him wasDr. N. Rajalakshmi, Senior Scientist Center for Fuel Cell technology, ARCI who gave wonderful opening informations on the technology on the usefulness of the effective Fuel Cells and also on Green energy initiative- Transport perspective methods.

And now as the session coming to an end of the dayMr. Moinudeen addressed the ending and thanking speech for the gathering and all the sponsors. Thus the conference was a really important and useful and informative and the CII ended up the session.


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