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Young Boys work as child labour in Peshawar

News Peshawar, Pakistan - 20 February 2013


peshawar , Sir , if you need I will polish your shoes , it’s a request of young boy whose  hold a shopping bag in front me asking  , and I replied sorry son.  The boy leaves me and then goes to other students and asked for shoe polish but no one agree for polish. The boy leaves the area and I drink tea.  I was sit waiting there for my journalist friends.

Again after 30 minutes the little boys came to me and asked , sir , if you want to polish your shoes , I will polish your shoes better , I thought about my own son and I replied ok. Polish my shoes but you will talks with me and the boy smile.

8 years old Abdul Mateen came daily with his father in Peshawar University, his father also work as labour and polish the shoes in university. Basically belongs from Afghanistan but now their family live in Palosi area of Peshawar, which is near to Peshawar University.

Cute boy Abdul Mateen said daily he wakeup and came with father and brother for work here in Peshawar, from 9 am till 5 pm he work and polish the shoes of the students.  Since December 2012 it’s the routine of the Young boys, he said that he daily earn 50 rupees which he give to his father.

I asked  did u want to go to school , he replied I like the clean cloth of the people and I wish to go to school but I couldn’t because my father said you will work and I work here .

Young boy added that his mother 8 year back, when he was child, but he still remember the face of his mother. He remembers the love of his mother.  I asked from the young Boy when u hungry what u do ,  he said that my father said that when u listen the voice of Allah O Akber , its men the time of Lunch , so I buy Roti , Pakory here and takes my lunch. “Some time I fell hungry earlier but I cannot buy the Roti, Pakory, because father anger on me “it’s the word of boy who polish the shoes.

After the polish I asked how much charges and he said “20 Rupees, which I paid to him, during polish to shoes I saw he didn’t pick my shoes , but he try to clean my shoes and then he left the area and shout in the front of students , “ Polish , Polish , anyone interested in Polish “ . And the students enjoying the weather drinking tea and no one take notice of cute little boy.

I ask from myself, who’s the responsible, me, his father, our society or government.



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