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Chilean students protest country's educational system

News Santiago, Chile - 28 June 2012

Chilean students called for education reform in the streets of Santiago, on Thursday, June 28, 2012. 

According to an article on the Fox News Latino website, thousands of high school and college students protested against the for-profit status of Chilean schools. The demonstrators emphasized that free, high-quality public education should be a basic right. 

A recent congressional report accused seven private universities of failing to  meet non-profit status, sparking the protests. Students marched across the capital, past the city center and presidential palace, singing songs and chanting.

Last year marked an increase in protests against Chile's education system. Chilean students are primarily frustrated with the country's provision of subsidies to private educational institutions, while public institutions remain underfunded. 

Private schools have played a significant role in the country's educational system since 1973, when General Augusto Pinochet took power. Pinochet's emphasis on free market policies resulted in the neglect of Chile's public schools. 

Our contributor writes:

"Although the organizers defined as a successful third year student demonstrations, clashes between police and masked were the order of the day."

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