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Hasidic Jewish pilgrims begin to arrive in Ukraine

Hot Topics Умань, Ukraine - 09 June 2010
Hasidic Jewish pilgrims arrive in Uman City, Cherkasy Region, Ukraine, September 6, 2010.

Almost 20,000 followers of Hasidism are expected to arrive in Uman City, Cherkasy Region, Ukraine, from across the Globe to celebrate there the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, on the grave of their spiritual leader Tsadik Nahman.

Each year during September, dressed in traditional Hasidic garbs or white tunics and black hats, hasids turn this small city into their week-long home.

These Orthodox Jews belong to the branch of Hasidic Jewry that identifies itself as Bratslav Hasidism, derived from Rabbi Nachman, a recognized Jewish mystic and holy man, who was born in 1772, in Bratslav town near Uman.

For the most part the celebration involves much prayer at the Rabbi Nachmann's burial site in compliance with instructions that he set out for his followers before his pass.

Photo by Nadiya Pastushok
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