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Wildfires continue to burn in Colorado

Environment Boulder, United States - 27 June 2012

Boulder's flatirons, near Bloomfield, continued to burn on June 26 and 27, 2012. The flatirons are another area affected by the ongoing wildfires, currently ravaging the state of Colorado. 

According to a 9news article, the Flagstaff Fire, which recently threatened the City of Boulder, is 30 percent contained and has burned at least 300 acres. City officials believe lightning strikes caused the fire. The residents of the 28 homes that were forced to evacuate have recently been allowed to return home.

The Colorado wildfires began in early June. Colorado Springs is among the most affected regions. An estimated 346 homes have already been destroyed, while tens of thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate. One person has been killed by the wildfires, while two remain missing. The fires have caused an estimated $3.2 million in damage.

This year's wildfires are the most destructive in the state's history. According to a BBC article, Colorado is home to eight of the 35 largest wildfires. Utah, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and California have also been affected.

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