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Dance the Dream: Singapore

Entertainment Singapore, Singapore - 24 August 2013

Dozens of people in Singapore participated in the 16-city worldwide "Dance the Dream" flash mob 24 August, 2013 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, part of The Dream at 50 initiative.


Our contributor writes:

"The Singapore tribute comprising 2 songs is choreographed by Gin Lam and Clarice Ng, in a 30-people led flash mob dancing to two songs - "Heaven Help Us" - theme song of The Dream at 50; and “Dreams” by Singaporean singer-songwriter Michelle, pre-released for this event.

The Singapore tribute was staged and filmed on 24 August, 2013 between 10:30am and 12pm at the Scape Building.

According to Michelle Poh, artist-educator and composer of “Dreams”: “ I think an increasing number of Singaporeans and Asians are starting to identify with the concept of dreaming, of daring to dream, to make our immediate world a better place. Even the Singapore story is a result of dreams of past come true. It was lovely watching a youthful team of dancers dancing to “Dreams” as a celebration of the empowerment of our next generation. It was also interesting that the heart and soul of this project coincided with the lyrics of “Dreams” written several years ago and I thought, why not a meaningful use for this song before it's formal release.”

“Dreams”(pre-release) - lyrics, music, vocal and track recordings by Michelle Poh; bass by William Gathright, drums by Anson Koh; recorded at mixed at Lion Studios and SoundFarm Studio; drums recorded at Basement Studios


by Michelle. www.michelle.sg

(Lyrics and Music Copyright of Michelle Poh)

If I could dream

Would I have a dream

A vision I could truly paint

A world filled with my ideals

But they’re only worth their castles in the air

But something's throbbing here inside my head

It's grown so much that I can't bear

And now, I gotta make it come true

With the strength to follow through


Dreams, inspire worlds for change

Dreams, lead us to better places

Your dreams, they only stay inside your head

If you keep them buried

Even though, your plans seem far too big

Don't ever stop believing in your

Dreams, they come from inside of you

Dreams, a natural part of you

Dreams, our purpose here, fulfilled

I've lived my life with the flow

Had little time to stop and think

of fancy flowers or purple skies

Coz these are what my "world" would never buy

In a home where cash is the dough

and dreaming won't take you anywhere

But now it's overblown inside of me

And I'm gonna burst if it remains a wish

Repeat Chorus


Don't believe it when they say you won't make it

You'll never know, you've never let yourself go

Work hard towards your goal,

Don't sell your soul

Don't sell your s-o-u-l...

Repeat Chorus


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