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Strong overseas participation at the New Delhi Auto Expo 2012

News New Delhi, India - 09 January 2012

In its 11th edition, the bi-annual Delhi Auto Expo 2012 (organised from January 7 to January 11, 2012) promises to be bigger than all previous shows with 50 vehicles, including 32 cars, planned for launch.

Auto Expo 2012 received a strong overseas participation, early 1,500 participants from 24 countries. A massive surge in exhibitors from abroad apart from a strong Indian presence has resulted in the venue, comprising 16 halls, 10 hangars and outdoor space, being completely booked out.

In fact, so acute is the space crunch that officials were forced to turn down several auto manufacturers and component makers. Further, it has also restricted the number of visitors to 1 lakh a day. On Sunday Auto Expo was witnessed by over 100000 auto lovers.

This year’s Expo would witnessed 50 new launches - the largest the event has ever seen - comprising cars, two-wheelers and commercial vehicles. Out of all these, 32 are just cars – with 24 domestic launches and 8 global.

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